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Victory during a struggle is my life's story.  As a child, I experienced the loss of my father and it felt like I was in a constant season of pain and sadness.  Having a mother who is a powerful prayer warrior and knew how to use the weapon of prayer saved me.  Through our early morning prayers, and my mother's consistent positive language in our home, I was able to find joy and peace while still experiencing grief. 


During my life I would experience different challenges or setbacks, yet, by the grace of God, I was able to see the lesson find victory in my trial. I know we all experience struggles, but the difference is how we go through our struggles.  Are we walking defeated or are we walking victorious?  Victorious Women equips, uplifts, and empowers us to live victorious lives every day no matter our situation. 

I am the author of the devotional, Daddy's Girls: a 14-day Guide To A More Intimate Relationship With God Your Father, the creator of Victorious Women, a community focusing on celebrating joy during your struggle, and the host of Victorious Conversations.  We have guests join us each month sharing their journeys to victory.

As a former classroom teacher certified in administration and leadership, I am excited I get to use my 20+ years of experience to help others discover and walk in their purpose.

I'm a grateful pastor's wife who is head over heels in love and humbled mother of two amazing girls, Hope and Faith. To work with me, click here to set up a consultation call.  

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